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Below is part of the complaint I just mailed to PUC Texas. I'm switching to Reliant Energy, Call them, they have 10% off Summer with $75.00 credit, 14.22 & 15.8 locked in rate for 2 years. Takes 3 weeks to change so I will be eating P&J for 2 months. And no service fee. You have to call in for this.

Dynowatt is a total rip off. I urge you to write the Public Utilities Commission or File a Complaint online.

On 6-24-2008 I received an email from Lia Imondi ( Dynowatt. Subject: Important information about your Electric Bill. In it stated that Electricity rates will be rising due to various impacts in email. In the Email it stated that we could go to a Fixed Rate Plan from Dynowatt & receive $100.00. 2 Years Win Win & that they are the ONLY ONLY ones that allows you to reset and reduce your rate should electricity prices decrease. The email indicated that this is a limited time offer & you can do this immediately.

I checked online our account, our cycled ended on the date 6/24/2008, the same date I received the email, there was no indication that this cycle was tremendously effected, but next one. After seeing no rate change, (bill was not viewable but last one) and no notice of any new rate, I waited for the bill to come in on the 28th to call with payment and to talk to a service rep on changing to immediate fixed rates.

Our Bill came in on the 28th, $990.02, .25139 per kw charged for the Past month. I tried to call Monday to Dynowatt, they were taking no calls due to high call volume. On Tuesday, I had my wife call with me present in the room. This is what they told her.

They will not be giving any discounts to any customers. Some Customer bills are as high as $1800.00. When asked why they did not indicate the rate of .25139 on their email and why sent that rates would increase after the fact, they said they were not obligated to inform us or show on their site for information.

When asked to be put immediately on the fixed rate, we were told they would be happy to enroll us immediately…. BUT it would not take effect for 3-4 WEEKS. We would still be paying the .25139 until then, just like a new person switching electricity companies. The immediate offer is only for NEW customers. They did say they could immediately change the rate if they took it out of my Name and put it in my Wife’s name as a new service without electricity, then they would come out tomorrow and there would be a service fee!

When mentioned to them that when we started their service they guaranteed the lowest electricity in our area, so if another company was .145, they would be .144 or such, they stated they changed that Plan last year, and put us on a monthly variable because they lost that partnership. We did not receive notice, they said they mailed out this information, but did not put it on their website. They apologized that we did not receive it but too bad.

The email is misleading that they sent us that it is not immediate on the rate decrease. Further, they are not the only ones that will allow you reduce your rates on a fixed plan. They are misleading on the email that the rates are increasing, but did increase and sent purposely on the date that the bills were already completed and increased. And yet when checking online the bill was not viewable or any mention of rate. They are now one of the highest rates in Texas with the .25139.

We have never paid our bill late, we have been excellent customers, Dynowatt is misleading customers with this email on immediate fixed rate change in order to gain another month of inflated fees. I called other companies, on their plans if you change plans, it doesn’t take 3 to 4 weeks because you are a current customer, this is an outrage.

Really ticked off in Texas!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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We had the same problem in the summer of 2008. They went from the cheapest to the most expensive in Texas in one month, with NO warning. Our bill went from around $200 up to $1200!

We switched immediately to Reliant, but it took 3 weeks. So we ended up owing Dynawatt close to 2-thousand dollars.

We're old and pay cash for everything, so we don't care about credit scores. So we just never paid that bill.

I sent them a payment in the amount it would have been if the rates had not changed so I don't feel like I stole my electricity. But they can take the rest of that bill and shove it. In 2 years we never god a collection call either. :)


Do not do business with Dynowatt, they refuse to give you service when you request, unless you pay a fee, and do not understand how to communicate with the energy company that owns the meters. Centerpoint owns the meters in our area an according to the city and centerpoint dynowatt has the responsibility to contact them to request service, dynowatt tells me they are not allowed to contact center point.

They refuse to turn on power on the date you request, unless you pay them a fee. We are going to reliant, they are 24/7, dynowatt does not speak to customers after 6pm or before 8 am, it is immpossible to reach someone on the phone and they hand up on you.


New Dynowatt scam-- Dynawatt slammed me to a new provider, Accent Energy, the company that owns Dynowatt. So right off the bat I'm stuck for $150 cancellation fee which I did not agree to and I see more fees coming my way since I can't find a bill for the last month on line. Texas PUC has been notified but I maybe getting attorneys involved now.

Cat Spring, Texas, United States #31524

I am on the 2 year fixed rate and I have 17.1 KWH

I think i can handle that,plus I really like them & they never turn my electric off when i am really late paying. I shoot

them a email tell them the day i can pay,they note my account and It's all good. They are nicer and will work with you i you have problems that month.

When I was with TXU and Relient they would have a man outside my house trying to turn my electricity off if I was just 1 day past due,they want that $150 dollar reconnect fee bad!

and all the late fees and all the extra added fees - even when i did pay on time my bill was always much high or even double then my DYNOWATT bill has ever been.

Dynowatt .

To be fair i also got a high high bill in July.I couldnt believe it I have never had a high bill from them,I always told people how low my bills are.

what I did is sign up for the 2 -year plan,I bought all new flouresent light bulbs,replacing all my regular light bulbs.

I cleaned my a/c air vents out(which i forget to do alot)

I made sure my a/c units had no grass around them and i had them set off the ground a bit.

I bought 2 dryer balls for when i dry clothes(yes they do work they cut the dying time down 35%-40%.)You can get them at Wallgreens or online.

I bought outside sensor lights and started air drying my dishes insted of heated dry in the dishwasher.

All of this took my bill down over $200.00, I will show anyone that would like to see the before and after

amount on my new bill.

it went from $450-$315-$240, and probably even lower net month live in a 2800 square foot newer house.

you will notice a difference on your bill in about 1 to 2 months.

I swear I am not with the company,I just feel that it is worth writing all this- if I can help someone struggling to save money on their electric bill.

and buy lots of fans celing fans floor fans,taht way you can run your a/c on 79 or even 80and you will be totally comfortable.

Every room in my house has a celing fan and a floor fan.Since i bought a fan for my daughters room and my roommates room they do not complain about the house being hot!

have a great day saving money:)


THANK GOD I checked the web for complaints! I was fixing to switch to these guys from my current provider, but after reading these postings will keep searching! Although - what can you expect from a Yankee company based out of OHIO!?!?!?!

Newell, North Carolina, United States #28016

it wasnt a variable rate plan when I signed up!

Dynowatt screwed me too ... I will be changing providers !

Amarpur, Bihar, India #20694

They did the exact same thing to me! I have found numerous Dynowatt complaint web sites all for the purpose of the many people Dynomwatt did this to in North Texas. I've switched and I hope everyone who Dynowatt ripped off does the same.

Havana, Ciudad De La Habana, Cuba #20473

I agree with you in all of what you wrote. It is an outrage.

I filed a complaint with the Texas PUC but don't expect any relief from them. Nothing to do but pay it and try to keep the blood pressure down. I nearly had a stroke when I read my bill; from 14.5 to .25139 unbelievable and unsustainable. I am leaving them.

The prices aren't going down any time soon. Dynowatt is stealing and with this deregulation of electricity companies in Texas, there may be nothing we can do about it besides switch companies, file complaints with the PUC and pray.

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