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In the last six months dynowatts rates have not gone up more than a penny per kwh... until last month when they shot our rate up from .164 to .248 (66%) When I finaly got them on the phone, the csr would not talk about negotiating the rate.

"you have been charged for the energy used" "were real sorry about the increase, but if you sign up for 24 months we will give you a discounted rate of .152 per kwh. Scam !!! unfair rate increase !! we're hiring a lawyer to sue them for price gouging.

This has got to be illegal !

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They are doing it again, rate increase in 1 month from 0.07 to .181 per kWh. Really, natural gas prices have not moved much, the weather is cooling down so some type of BS peak power fee is unfounded.

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