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Update by user Dec 19, 2011

It\'s been 30 days since Dynowatt was notified of my complaint and nothing has been heard from them. No attempt to reconcile.

After seeing all the other similar complaints, it\'s plain to see they just don\'t care.

Anyone on their plan needs to bail out as soon as the contract expires. Don\'t get caught.

Original review posted by user Nov 18, 2011

I was on a guaranteed rate plan for two years that promised my rate would remain at 8.5 cents per KW. At the first month following my plans expiration, Dynowatt tripled my rate to over 25 cents per KW.

I went from an expected $250 to $300 bill (August) to nearly a $900 power bill. Then never sent me emails or contacts to extend or consider a new plan. Their only offer was to put me on a plan that would spread out the triple payment over many months. I've switched power companies.

Don't let them do this to you.

Switch early! Dump Dynowatt.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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went thru the very same thing with gougowatt..

2 make it worse, when the new rate they hosed me at 13.7 came in i started noticing my bills read i was paying 14.7 per kw..

2 put the iceing on the cake, the meter reader had been messing up and so when i fianly gou out from under gougowatts thumb, they ended up oweing me 200.00.. of witch they sent me another final(phoney) bill of 50.00 even though the breakers had been OFF since the final and correct meter reading.. im still waiting for that 150.00(really should be 200.00) check they owe me that ill never see..DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH DYNOWATT OR YOULL GET HOSED.id love 2 c a class action against these creeps.

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