I am having a billing problem with Dynowatt. My bill last month was $585 dollars.

The bill I jut got today is $646 dollars. I'm a single mom so this hurts a lot. I have two more weeks until my switch to another provider takes effect and am stuck paying these high bills that I can't afford until it takes effect (or not pay and have it reported on my credit). I was a customer for a year with my variable rates always low at around .12 or .13 and low bills, never late, always paid on time.

The last two months my rate jumped to .22 and .24. Dynowatt refused to give the really low fixed rate they offer new customers when I called to complain (they were really rude too). They are not honoring their promise to always beat Reliant's rates which is what they promised me when I switched. So I'm leaving and I will never go back to those crooks.

I got no warning that my rate would over double and this should be illegal if it's not!

I filed a complaint with the PUC, wrote the governor and news media.

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I had the same problem with Amigo energy, and my son's went out of business, so he got switch the POLR at .27cents/Kwh.

Turns out we have all been victims of the spot market crooks and their speculation schemes, probably ex Enron people, that aren't already in jail.

The only good answer to the problem is to sign long term contracts with healthy REPs and to VOTE for all Demacrats this November and clean out the Republican crooks in Austin and Washington that let this happen!

Dimock, Pennsylvania, United States #21735

This happened to me also. They went from .13, .16, .17 to .25.

The last bill I received was for .25 per kilowatt. This is outrageous.

I signed on to Reliant for a fixed amount over the next 2yrs. I haven't had time to send a complaint to the PUC, but I'm going to .

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