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My bill went from $295 to $705 and I thought it was a mistake or a misread meter. Then I saw they were charging almost $0.24 per kWh which explained the outrageous increase. I sent an email and got a standard form letter response. I sent another and got another standard form letter response. Didn't get an actual response from that email until 5 weeks later. Please everyone email the following like I have.....if enough of us complain maybe we can get something done.....

Texas Public Utilities Commission

Texas Attorney General

Texas Better Business Bureau

Ohio Better Business Bureau

Channel 11 Investigators

Come on, let's work together and get something done about this rip off. I currently owe them over $1500 for about $900 worth of electricity! It took over 2 weeks to switch companies and they just kept price gouging. They have responded to the BBB complaint and TPUC complaint and basically said tough we can price gouge without prior notification so pay your bill; we will not readjust to the going rate.

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