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1st) not noticing until after my account was closed, I had been charged late fees on 2 occasions when my bank delivered payments on the due date (a Friday) but Dynowatt did not process them until the following Monday. guess they don't do payments on Fridays?

2nd) within 30 days of the end of my 12 month contact, upon prodding from emails from dynowatt that my contract was ending soon, I switched providers (found a better price). I was slapped with a $150 contract cancel fee because it wasn't within 14 days of the contract end. Seriously, 10 business days?! The contracts read that these contract cancel fees are supposed to be reasonable estimates of loss and not a penalty. Given the time left in the contract (less than 30 days), is $150 really a reasonable estimate.

Result: so they gained $150 in an additional fee, but guaranteed no further business. Not exactly a plan for long term growth.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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