Joshua, Texas

I have been a Dynowatt customer for years. Not anymore.

I dropped them like a hot rock after they more than doubled my rate!!!!! I called them about the first rate hike and they told me they could raise the rate to whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. At that time, they had raised it raised the rate 50%. After I switched retailers, on the next and last bill I received from Dynowatt, they had raised my rate 250%!!!

I guess they thought they would show me since I had called and complained and then cancelled. I am pissed!!!!!!!

Do not ever use Dynowatt!! They will rip you off!!

Monetary Loss: $565.

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Hate to hear this happened to everyone but, why go with a variable plan when you know the rate could increase at any time? sure, noone expects it to sky-rocket like that but, fixed plans exist to prevent rates from going up at all.As far as them slamming you all with ginormous bills when you changed providers, this seems like price gouging to me.Did anyone file an actions against the company or even contact the attorney general's office about it? Seems like that would be the way to go rather than just pay it.Hope you all have better luck in the future.


Dynowatt did the same thing to me, tripling of rate in a couple of months. Unfortunately it's not illegal or technically even unethical.

Basically Dynowatt made a mistake in their estimate of future power needs and didn't contract to buy enough forward power at 'normal' rates. They then were forced to buy spot power at much higher rates (demand rates in the summer - high of course).

And then they simply passed on the cost of their mistake to us variable rate customers, totally within their rights.

This doesn't happen often because the power retailers are typically able to accurately forecast their power needs. But it could happen to any of them at any time. That's why fixed rate power is priced slightly higher than current variable power rates - the company prices in potential errors or changes in the future wholesale power price they'll have to pay.

To my mind the best (and fair) way to solve this is to require that power providers publish the rate you will be charged for power next month. You can agree and stay with that provider or change providers if you don't like that rate. It seems totally silly that we pay for power in arrears - we don't know the rate we're going to pay until after we've used the power. It's like going to a restaurant and eating the meal then being told what it will cost. And then if a couple of their line chefs called in sick that day and the owner had to work the line then he doubles the cost of the meal to compensate himself.

We need to get the law changed. Most likely variable rate providers would slightly raise their rates to compensate for their assumed one month price variablity. But competition should keep that spread marginal.


Same happened to me. Went from approx.

$0.11/kwh to $0.18/kwh without notice. I was a variable rate customer for a couple of years. It pissed me off so I locked in with another carrier for a year. Just got my last bill and guess what, $0.26/kwh.

These guys are absolute crooks and there needs to be limits put on these companies in raising rates without notice.

I talked with another Dynowatt customer who called to complain about their rate increase, and were told if they would lock in for one year they would be credited for the unannounced increase amount. Can you say "extortion"?!!


Same thing happened to me. My rate went tripled my final month, after I switched electric providers. I am so pissed


Same thing here. Went from $0.079 per KWH to $0.26, and last month bill was $169, and this month $629 for same usage.

How do they get away with this? My fixed rate expired 8/8/2011, but I didn't know that as I didn't get any emails or anything.


Dynowatt jacked my rate from 11.3 vents per Kwh to 26.6 cents per Kwh with a simple your rate is going up email but did not state how much. My electric bill increased from $ 277 to $ 544.

F$#k off Dynowatt.

You suck donkey nuts. Locked in a rate with a different power provider for 12 months.


Same danged thing happened to me this month. My rate is .22/kwh. I've been on hold for 30 mins.


been on the variable rate for 2 yrs.. this mo my rate went from .11 to .26 per notice it was ***.


I'm sorry that happened to you but the same thing happen to us. We did not get a notice of a rate increase or email.

It is impossible to reach the company unless you have three hours to spend on hold. If Dynowatt would at least agree to allow the customer to put it on a payment plan and advise the customers what they can do so it would not happen again would help them keep most customers. For an employee to post it is not their fault is not enough help for the customer. I hope everyone that this has happened to reports it.

Who would not want to be paying the least amount possible? No one would sign up for a high rate! This was the hottest month so far and our bill doubled. There has to be a way to change providers or the rate be lowered.

I don't know where we will get $800.00 extra dollars to pay this bill. It doesn't seem like Dynowatt is going to do anything to help out their customers either.

We will be changing to a different company unless they will agree to change the rate. Everyone needs to report this.


The same thing happen to us this week! My rate is 0.218 and our bill was $1270.75.

There is no way we can afford to pay this. The sad part is we were out of town for a week and every light was off.

We stopped using our upstairs area so we could save money on the electric bill. We were expecting our bill to be lower this month by at least $100.00 .


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