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Without notice, this electric power provider in Texas raised its kWh rate from 16 to 25 cents - the highest in the state. My monthly bill went from $345 to $895.

Then they offered to lock me into a contract for "fixed rate". I think their new parent company Accent Energy is looking to jazz up their books so they can flip this company. By locking in as many existing customers as they can, they have something to sell. Also, customer service is horrible.

You cannot get through by phone, only e-mail. Get out while you can.

Go to a reputable power provider like TXU (I did), Reliant, or Direct Energy.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #22293

Just got off the phone with Dynowatt. Last month they put it to me in the form of .23 kwh so I voiced my concern.

I of course immediately switched back to Reliant. I still tried fighting with Dynowatt but did not get anywhere. The last conversation with the floor supervisor at Dynowatt told me that I could not do anything at all and filing a complaint with the PUC with do absolutely nothing either. Extremely rude people.

When Dynowatt came into town they advertised that they would be 20% lower than Reliant. Customer service a--hole asked if I could dig up that information and I told him yes. He then said that it would be long expired anyway. I asked why they could not inform their customers of the future increases.

I was told that they did not have the man power to call everybody on the phone. No sh-t. Simply put a message or reminder in the envelope with the bill.

This is another reason I think it is a major scam. If anybody know of anything to do please pass it on.

Weimar, Texas, United States #21352

Man I am not can they do this? Well they have and have lost me as a customer for ever.


Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, United States #20620

I wrote to my state representatives, the local radio news station, the state attorney general, anyone I could think of on top of the Texas PUC (which I expect no action from). Those of you who are good writer, should write to your senators, representatives, attorney general, radio and television news stations. Now is a very good time for them to pay attention to the outcry.

I think it's amazing that Dynowatt went from the best price to the highest price electricity provider in time for our incentive checks. Are they going out of business and taking the money before they leave???

There's another site where people are writing complaints like these on. They are passing good information about what they have learned from Dynowatt and each other.

This is a ripoff and should not be tolerated without something that resembles a fight.

I'm furious to find my rate jumping from .14 to .25, and just in time for my son to be home from school and running the electricity like crazy on top of the summer heat. From $400 during holiday months to $955 this past cycle! Got my incentive check. I'm good for Dynowatt's economy. I tried to locate the board of directors of Dynowatt with no luck. Not that I expect them to care. I'd probably only encourage them to run faster if I told them that I somehow found the correct person to write to get some action against them.

We need help people. This is criminal and very wrong.

Sala, Vastmanlands Lan, Sweden #20102

Dynowatts is the worst electricity

provider company that i've ever

experience. They 've jacked up the kw

price double. And i wonder what did

they base on for the price rising???

Blue Lake, California, United States #19867

:( I Too just had the same experience, my bill in May was for about $185, then i get a $500+ bill in June!! I really don't know how they can legally do this and get away scott free.

I did not even give them the opportunity to continue to earn my business after a scam like this, I have already signed up with Reliant and got a rate of 14.22cents kwh till October and then it goes up to 15.8 kwh for the rest of my 2 year contract.

I was not about to have them do me a *FAVOR* by locking me in at a crappy 16.1cent kwh rate after taking advantage already. I see them loosing over 70% of their customers, the only ones that will stay are the ones with too much money to even realize the difference.

Palmer Heights, Pennsylvania, United States #19487

I agree with both of you. My bill went from .17 per Kwh to a whopping .25 per Kwh for the June billing period.

This is 100% higher than the same time last year.

I was a satisfied Dynowatt customer, but now I am going to bail on them within the next 48 hours. This per Kwh is nothing short of highway robbery and I simply won't stand for it.

Virgin, Utah, United States #19278

I agree with you and what Dynowatt did to us is called Cramming. They have no right to do that to us and us as consumers need to file a written complaint to the company and mail it with our bills.

If we disput any amount of our bills and not pay they cannot disconnect us for it. Make sure you file a complaint with the PUC and they can't go against your credit either until the issue is resolved.

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