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As others have indicated, Dynowatt doubled my electricity rate for August my highest usage month. My rate, which was variable, went from 13.3 cents in July to 25.9 cent in August and then back down to 13 cent in September. I spoke with Bounce Energy, one of their competitors, and Bounce told me their historical variable rates were 13.4 cents for July, 13.4 cents August, and 13.2 cents for September. – Dynowatt screwed me

When I complained to Dynowatt customer service, they offered me a credit rebate program whereby if I singed up for 6 months at a rate of 12.3 cents they would rebate me a whopping $13. At the same time, all of their competitors are offering a 6-month contract at 9 cents or below. – Dynowatt tried to screw me again.

Do Not Go near Dynowatt

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