Mabank, Texas

I have been with Dynowatt for approx. 3 years and have been totally happy.

I have saved a ton of money dumping TXU. I was a little scared of Dynowatt because I had read some complaints about poor service and price gouging. Well they finally got around to sticking it to me. I have been paying .108 cents per kwh for many months now and I just got my August 2011 bill.

They charged me .185 cents per kwh. Thats a 72% increase in one month. That would be like gasoline going from $3.00 a gal. to $5.16 a gal.

in one month.

I havent called them yet but I expect I will be changing provider again. I dont do business with crooks!

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maybe we need to know first what are the pros and cons in every plans or agreement that we want to enter..


Same thing happened to me on my 9/7/2011 bill. Went from $0.079 per KWH to $0.266 per KWH.

Bill went from $169 to $629 in one month, same usage. Dynowatt states my fixed rate contract expired 8/8/2011, but I was not notified.

I am on auto pay and no bills or anything come in the mail either, and I never received any email stating contract expired.

One person wrote "price gouging in a market where electrical prices are below 10 cents is ILLEGAL."


I have been a Dynowatt customer for about 4 years...but not any more!

Last month (Aug) my per KWH rate was .22 so I immediately found and signed up with another provider. I just received my final bill from Dynowatt and for the 2 weeks before the switch took place, they charged me .267 per KWH.

I hope everyone with Dynowatt now on a variable plan is prepared to open their Sept.

bill and see $.267 per KWH charged. Good riddance!


Just happened to me too…. from .119 to .218 in one month. I like how this company values its customers.


Ditto everything I have read. Comparing notes: my June thru July variable rate was only .0675 per kwh.

Rcvd e-mail Aug 9th telling me to lock in rates due to several factors that could affect my future rate. I locked in same day 8.5 cents per kwh and called next day to see what variable rates were going for...I was told that they did not know and could not provide info., but was told that variable rates were no longer going to be available due to their high rates, but they did not know how much. This made me recall how I had checked Dynowatt several times between billing cycles ending with my July bill and had not seen any more variable recall they did not send me any kind of notice until Aug.9 telling of rate uncertainty...their letter implied that I should lock in rates retroactive to my last billing cycle...however, when I called back again to check about rates they again did not have available info. I insisted on talking to a mgr.

and finally the young lady told me that her mgr. thought it might be between .12 to .18 per kwh and that I would probably have to wait until I got my bill. Yesterday, 08/24/11 around 3pm (mind you I spent 1 hr on the phone the day before waiting for a customer service rep. who never did come on line) I finally got hold of a rep and she proceeds to tell me that I may be looking at .21 per kwh, but that she can offer me a 12 month retro pkg.

for 11.5 cents per kwh or 13.5 cents for 6 months.

When I asked about my lock in rate of 8.5 cents for 6 months that I did on Aug 9th she said that would not apply unless I paid the total bill that would probably end up being around $500 (note: I pay around that much in 8 months of usage) I told her that I am on disability social security and I am slowly dying of cancer this did not seem to phase them one bit. What avenues do we have as consumers to fight this price gouging or whatever you want to call this unethical and possibly illegal undertakings by Dynowatt or parent company Accent Energy?


So what are you going to do? My bill did the same and I just got off the phone with them.

I have no choice but to pay it and then they can't do anything until the first day after the read of the meter, meaning I am stuck for another month of possibly higher rates. The offered a retro plan that applies a credit of either 250 or 339 for a 6 mo or 12 mo fixed plan at rates that are .05 higher than their advertised rates.

I am in customer service too and asked for a plan to pay out my 951 bill and got nothing. I asked if others are dumping them because of the bill and she accidentally implied, yes.

It is amazing to me how they could give a rip about customers that have been with them for years like you and I. UGH!!!


Finally got off the phone, almost 2 hours later!Best thing to do is sign up for their retroactive plan. They will bring your kwh rate down for the previous 1 month (which was my biggest increase anyways for me).

They do make you sign a 12 month agreement, i was quoted .12 lower than the .1933 rate. This resulted in a savings of $546. Currently, encot is 9.0 per kwh. Cancellation fee is $25 per month for unused months.

So, i can take advantage of the immediate discount now, and then switch if I choose to do so.

This might benefit some.overall, i was o.k. with how they handled it.


I'm on the phone with them right now. 10:05AM CST, Aug. 25th with "Jasmine", rep ID AE310003. Call placed at 9:30a.m. Put on hold for 13 minutes until Jasmine answered at 9:43 a.m.

Page 1 of my bill is showing graphs of usage. Questioned Jasmine as to the rates she is showing on her end and they do not match up with my bill. Told her to check into this and she comes back saying, yes, you are on a variable rate plan (they increased me to .193 cents per KWH!). I'm on the power to website right now. There are 8 companies right now giving 5.5-5.6 cents per KWH without contract, Variable, right now, so how can they justify charging 19 cents per kWh? And how can there be so much discrepancy between the useage they are showing and what my bill is reading?

Folks, companies right now PREFER variable rates that is why right now variable rates are lower than fixed due to the uncertainty of the commodity market! So .19 per Kwh MAKES absolutely NO sense. It should be cheaper!

I'm filing a complaint with the PUCT if her "supervisor" she is getting does not do something.


same thing happened to me. I contacted them and they were of no help.

I then contacted the texas puc, the department of energy and the better business bureau with complaints.

Im sorry but price gouging in a market where electrical prices are below 10cents is illegal!!! You all should do the same!!


Ditto: a 60%+ increase w/ a cute important message at the bottom of the bill asking "has your bill increased?" and explaining it is out of their control. I've switched over to TXU, and will use the $200 welcome bonus to offset the VERY hefty Dynowatt bill.



The same thing just happened to me today. I received my august bill and it went from .09 per kwh to .189 per kwh and it made my bill go from approx 134 to 289!

I've been crying like a baby all afternoon...I'm manning up now and realize that the fine print told me that if I "mess up" and don't renew and get on the "plans" I will be placed on the variable rate plan. How do these people sleep at night? In soft cushy 5K beds I'm sure. I called and the lady told me that they should have informed me via email and I told her I never agreed to be "informed" via email for anything...they should have to hard copy mail us if they are going to double our rates in ONE MONTH!

I do not believe changing providers will help in the least - it's all AEP anyway - the trick is to never ever forget to change to the "plan". I am going to call first thing on Monday and do my best to complain as nicely as I can and see if they will do anything, if not I will file a formal complaint with the PUC. This will probably not help my situation any, but this sort of practice MUST STOP IN TEXAS.

WE MUST fight these people! This is just plain WRONG!

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