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Doubles their rates - my bill went from $240 to $567 between one month and the next with a very small raise in actual usage. They did this to try to force people into signing a long term agreement with lower rates.

So, it's not that they can't provide the electricity cheaper, they just want you sign a long term agreement to get it. ALREADY SWITCHED TO ANOTHER PROVIDER!!! *** DYNOWATT. HOPE YOU GO BANKRUPT!!!

To anyone who works for this crooked company - you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I hope you are out of a job soon.

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Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, United States #20621

They won't go bankrupt at this rate. They will collect our money and close and switch us off to someone else if you haven't switched yourself first.

I wrote every state and local representative and radio and television news company I could find the email for.

It's very depressing to me that Dynowatt did this. They went from the lowest to the highest in one month flat. This deregulation in Texas was not a good thing for us.

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